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Water Cart at Bank of Colorado 

We come to your office building or home every week to care for your interiorscape. We know exactly how much water, fertilizer, and light each plant needs, and, how to eradicate plant infestations.  We take care of all the pruning, the up-potting, dusting, and nursing of plants too.  In short, we will keep your space green and happy!

Anne Jackson Atrium Pic.jpg

Mr. Plant Residential Client

We want to work with you to design your ideal interiorscape - one that takes architecture, interior design, lighting, and budget into consideration.  Our experience in this industry has given us the ability to offer plenty of practical tips and design ideas to compliment any venue.  We can also purchase, deliver, and install your plants.


"King of Siam" plant foliage

We can get you high-quality plants and specialty plants from our wholesalers. Every October we start to take orders for Holiday Poinsettias. We are also a happy to discuss botany questions and chat about plants anytime!

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